What’s New in Jodoo: January 2024

Stay ahead of the curve with Jodoo's latest update! Explore our January 2024 release, featuring exciting enhancements in form management, business workflow, general features, organizational management, and open platform.

Author: Jodoo Official

Recent Update: February 2, 2024

Abstract: This month, Jodoo is updated in the aspects of form management, business workflow, general features, organizational management and open platform.

Update Newsletter

In January 2024, Jodoo was updated (V 8.3.0 and V 8.4.0) twice. For more updates, please go to the Update Log:

Key Updates

Form Management

Optimizing the Field Properties for the Query Data Field

The field properties for the Query Data field are optimized as follows: Data Source > Query Result. This update helps you configure Query Data in a more reasonable way. Here are the details:

  • Select a data source.
  • Configure how to display the query result. Show Records (how many records you would prefer to show) Displayed Fields (which fields you would prefer to display) Displayed Data (which data you would prefer to display)

Optimizing Field Matching for Data Importing

After this update, the data-importing template will introduce a hidden row dedicated to recording the IDs of each field in a form. This enhancement allows you to directly match data based on field IDs during data imports using the template, thereby optimizing the accuracy of the import process.

Business Workflow

Designating Alternate Approver for Members to Choose from

In this update, a new feature named Designate Alternate Approver is introduced. This feature allows you to define the available choices for members when they need to temporarily add an approver within a workflow. This enhancement improves the efficiency of selecting approvers while effectively preventing the occurrence of wrong selection, random selection, or unauthorized actions.

For example, in the Vehicle Request form, you set Mary as the only available choice for members when they need to add a temporary approver in a workflow.

General Feature

Supporting Style Settings for Global Watermark

After this update, you can configure how global watermarks will be displayed in your system. This allows you to modify the color and density of watermarks as needed, thus enhancing data security.

For example, modify the color and density of watermarks.

Optimizing the Login & Operation Feature

In this update, to better trace security-relevant actions and thus enhance data security, more actions will be tracked and recorded in Audit Trail. To be specific, the system can now capture certain actions (such as exporting platform logs and modifying business styles) performed by admins in Contacts, Open Platform, Management, and apps.

For example, a member mistakenly deletes a department, which causes trouble for his/her team. In this case, you can check the platform logs in Management to identify the member who performs the deletion.

Organization Management

Batch Importing Members into Existing Roles

Before this update, especially for roles with a large number of members and high mobility, it used to be a manual and error-prone task for admins to manage these members. Now, it is possible to import members in batches for existing roles using their names or IDs, thus simplifying the process of managing your company structure.

Open Platform

Optimizing Syntax Error Reporting for Custom Plugin

After this update, you can check the format prompt and validate your entries when configuring common parameters, request parameters, and response parameters in the form view on the Plugin Design page. This feature helps reduce input errors, ensuring a smoother and more reliable configuration of the form view.

Supporting the Workflow Instance Logs Query API

In this update, the Workflow Instance Logs Query API is introduced. This API allows you to obtain the workflow details of one record, such as the start time of pending tasks, approval time, approval comments, attachment lists, and the involved approvers.

Supporting Validation on Department List for the Member Adding API

After this update, the system can validate department lists when you add members to specified departments using the Member Adding API. If any department does not exist, you will fail to add these members, and the system will return the information of the non-existing department(s), making it easier for users to make prompt adjustments.

More Updates

  • Supporting Duplicate Validation During Data Importing
  • Renaming Image/Attachment Based on Field Value During Data Exporting
  • Adjusting the Number of Members Displayed on One Page for Contacts

See more about V8.3.0 and V8.4.0.

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