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What’s about Jodoo

Jodoo is an all-in-one app development platform that allows users to create online forms, configure workflows, and build dashboards.

All innovation ideas can be implemented through one platform to build various exclusive applications, which accelerates the whole process of business.

Covers 99% of demands
0 code for the whole process
Speeds up business decisions by 80%
System iteration only takes 1 day
Launches apps in 5 days

Why Partner with Jodoo

Business Expansion

Earning high revenue by providing implementation and service for customers using Jodoo.

Resources Optimization

Getting support from Jodoo in Product, Solutions, Marketing, Technology, Training, etc.

Customers Satisfaction

Surprising your customers by covering 99% of complicated demands 10 times faster.

Support From Jodoo

Flexible Product Trail
Jodoo is an application development platform, partners can apply for additional trials for customers who need more time building application templates.
Rich Help Center
Jodoo provides rich knowledge resources including help documents and videos to enhance the technical, implementation and service capabilities.
Validated Solutions & Cases
After years of precipitation, Jodoo has accumulated a batch of solutions, benchmark customers and demos, covering multiple industries.
Marketing Resources
Early access to product updates, promotion resources and materials will be provided to partners, which makes more efficient communication with customers.
Pre-sales Expert Support
Including product and solutions pre-sales expert support to solve any problems that might be faced by the partners in the early stage of the business.
Technical Support
Jodoo can provide technical support for partners through the whole selling process, including priority 1V1 tech support in usage and demands.

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