What’s New in Jodoo: February 2024

Discover the latest Jodoo V8.5.0 update featuring new enhancements such as Option Limit for Checkbox , improved subrecord selection with the Shift key, and more. Upgrade your form building and data management experience with our latest features.

Author: Jodoo Official

Recent Update: March 1, 2024

Update Newsletter

In February 2024, Jodoo was updated (V 8.5.0) once. For more updates, please go to the Update Log:

Key Updates

Supporting Option Limit for Checkbox and Multi Select

In Ver.8.5.0, a new feature named Option Limit is introduced for the Checkbox and Multi Select fields. This feature allows you to validate the number of selected options. Option Limit is suitable for the scenario where you need to limit the number of options to fill, effectively reducing the cost of form building and greatly improving the user experience.

For example, you have an event registration form and you might want to limit the number of sessions or activities they can choose to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to participate in a reasonable number of events.

Selecting Multiple Subrecords with the Shift Key

When using the Select Data field in a subform, you can now use the Shift key to tick/untick multiple records. Simply hold down the Shift key when selecting one item, and then select another item to automatically tick or untick all the options in between. This update enhances data selection efficiency and helps prevent missed or incorrect selections that can occur with repetitive ticking actions.

Supporting Confirmation Before Deleting Dashboard Component

When deleting a component on the dashboard-editing page, you need to confirm the action before deleting. This avoids component misdeletion, ensures a more stable and secure dashboard building process, and improves the building experience.

More Functions and Fields Supported for Batch Actions

When modifying data in batches through formulas, you can choose more functions/fields, and choose more fields as parameters to meet the needs of various users.

1. Here are the new supported functions:

Function Type


Text Functions

Date Functions

Advanced Functions

2. Here are the new supported subfields you can update in batches:

  • Single Line
  • Number
  • Multi Line
  • Date&Time

3. Here are the new fields you can choose as parameters in your formula:

  • Form fields: Member/Members, Department/Departments.
  • Subform fields: Single Line, Multi Line, Number, Date&Time, Radio, Checkbox, Single Select, Multi Select, Member/Members, and Department/Departments.

Checking Detailed Error Message for Failed Data Import

The system now provides a detailed error message on the failed-data-updating page when you encounter an error during the data-importing process. This helps you understand error details and quickly locate incorrect data, thus improving data import efficiency.

Optimizing User Interface of the Plan Page

In Management > Plan Details, the buttons under Plan are adjusted to the Contact & Purchase button:

You can click the button to contact our sales team or upgrade your plan.

More Updates

  • More Logs to be Exported
  • Displaying the Drafts Button for More Permission Sets

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