No-Code & Digitalization


No-Code & Digitalization

Why do you need No-Code

For Large Enterprises

No-code tools make developers who have no professional IT background or experience be able to develop applications in face of a great number of development needs and the shortage of experience developers.

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For SMEs

No-code tools allow more exploratory entrepreneurs, managers, and employees to develop applications thanks to the flexible prices and low technical threshold, solving the shortage of budget and human resources.

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Advantages of No-Code Development


Jodoo: an Efficient and Cost-Effective Platform for Customizing All-Scenario Application


Users can develop application used in all scenarios such as personnel management and production management.


Users can develop application in days or even hours though they know little about coding.


Users can develop application based on their businesses.


Users can greatly save the purchase cost, development cost, and operations and maintenance cost.


Three Core Purposes of Digital Transformation

Optimize User Experience

Synchronize information and give feedback in real time so that clients, the enterprise, and partners can collaborate with each other in a simpler, safer and more pleasant way.

Improve Efficiency

Optimize costs and improve the quality of decision making for higher efficiency to make the enterprise competitive.

Achieve Model Innovation

Innovate the transaction, organization, and governance models of the enterprise, thoroughly increasing its vitality and bringing about lasting changes.

Are you ready for your digital transformation?

Whether you are SMEs or large enterprises,
Jodoo has suitable digital transformation plans for you.

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