What’s New in Jodoo: March 2024

In March 2024, Jodoo introduced updates with v 8.6.0 and 8.7.0, featuring the Multi Tab Field for improved form management, customizable validity periods for public links, and enhanced data sharing and submission capabilities for better user experience.

In March 2024, Jodoo was updated twice (V 8.6.0 and V 8.7.0). For more updates, please go to the Update Log:

Form Management

Introducing the Multi Tab Field

1. Set Multi Tab as a basic field

In the previous versions of Jodoo, configuring multiple tabs required accessing Form Properties. However, with the latest update, Jodoo 8.7.0 introduces a more convenient approach. You can now effortlessly add a Multi Tab field directly from Basic Fields. This enhancement empowers you to design forms to your liking by freely placing the field at any desired position within the form.

2. Duplicate a tab

After updating, you can now duplicate existing tabs with minimal adjustments for the new tab design. This enhances the efficiency of form building.

3. Set preset styles

Three new preset styles are introduced to further enhance the visual effect of multiple tabs. This ensures users can clearly distinguish between tabs when filling out or viewing forms, thereby improving both efficiency and the user experience.

General Feature

Customizing Validity Period for Public Links

In Jodoo 8.6.0, you can now set the validity period for Form Fill Link, Public Query Link, and Publishing Dashboard. This update enables precise control over the duration for submitting forms, making queries, and accessing dashboards, ensuring interactions occur within set timeframes. This aims to enhance data submission and access timeliness, reduce outdated entries, and improve management efficiency.

For example, an event registration form can be set to accept submissions from March 4, 2024, at 00:00, until March 7, 2024, at 10:01, aligning submission collection precisely with the event's planned timeline.

Supporting the Share Link for One Workflow Record

After this update, Jodoo supports the share link for one workflow record. This allows you to share one record with those outside your company/team for data editing and viewing. To ensure data security during collaboration, you can also configure field permissions for viewing and editing.

For example, in an event registration form, a student omits his/her phone number, and you resend the form to this student using this feature.

Supporting Subfield Selection for Public Query Link

In Public Query Link > Query Page Settings > Display Fields, you can now select one or multiple subfields. This prevents you from irrelevant information in subforms when you make queries, and meets the need for data confidentiality in certain cases.

For example, when setting up a public query link for a purchase order form, an admin can deselect fields such as unit price and amount in the order details subform before sharing the link with external members for queries.

More Updates

  • Confirming the Delete Action Before Deleting Dashboard Component
  • Directly Renaming Custom Plugin

See more about V8.6.0 and V8.7.0.

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