Introducing Automations Pro - One Place to Automate Everything

Create scheduled triggers, conditional paths, query records nodes, and formula nodes. Consolidate Automations in one place. Upgrade your workflows for free today.

Author: Daniel Lee | Global Growth Product Manager @ Jodoo

Recent Update: April 11, 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of business software, the ability to automate workflows is not just a luxury—it's a necessity. Recognizing this, we at Jodoo are thrilled to unveil a groundbreaking advancement in workflow automation: Automations Pro.

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Automations Pro isn't just an update; it's a comprehensive suite designed to revolutionize how you automate and customize workflows within your applications, down to the most intricate detail.

At the heart of Jodoo, we understand that workflows are the foundational elements that empower you to build custom business software. This understanding has driven us to enhance the way you can design complex approval workflows with ease, using our intuitive drag-and-drop interface in Workflow Forms.

Moreover, we've always aimed to boost your productivity by enabling the automation of routine tasks and data operations through our Automations feature. Both of the efforts have consistently earned the appreciation of our user community.

Along with this announcement, we've introduced a major leap in Automations' capabilities to make it more powerful, user-friendly, and scalable. With these changes, you can now manage repetitive tasks across different forms and subforms more easily. We hope this evolution will help you break down technical barriers and simplify your work even further.

One of the most exciting innovations in Automations Pro is the introduction of scheduled triggers. This feature liberates you from the constraints of form-based triggers, allowing you to set automations based on specific times and frequencies. Imagine the convenience of automating daily safety checks or generating weekly sales reports without lifting a finger—they're now possible with scheduled triggers.

But the innovation continues beyond there. With the addition of Advanced Nodes for triggered actions, Automations Pro brings you the flexibility to create conditional paths, enabling more centralized management of all your automations. This means less time spent on setup and more on strategic initiatives and innovation.

Furthermore, adding Query records and Formula Nodes opens up new avenues for making precise adjustments to your data. For example, in project management, you can query all unfinished tasks and calculate the difference in days between the "expected completion date" and the "current date" by adding a formula node to understand how long the task is overdue and update it to the "Days Overdue" field.

With the visualized editor canvas introduced, Automations Pro is now more than just a tool—it's your visual guide to the repetitive tasks that permeate your business, highlighting opportunities for optimization that you might not have realized existed. It's an invitation to explore the full potential of automation, to reimagine your workflows, and to discover new efficiencies.

This is just the start of the future of workflow automation, and we will not stop here. Dive in and start automating today. We're excited to see the innovative ways you'll leverage Automations Pro to elevate your business processes. Try Automations Pro today, and we would like to hear your feedback on how we can keep iterating this feature.